Easter Treats for Street Dogz

Our Sunrise Seniors put together Easter bags for Street Dogz to hand out to the pets and their pet parents they serve.

Street Dogz provides assistance to pets of homeless and those in need by offering food & supply distribution, assisting with funding to spay & neuter pets, meeting the needs of special food diets, medications, & vaccinations, & working to provide temporary housing for pets. In addition to offering material support, they find that their efforts to help humans care for their companions offer a sense of dignity, comfort, & hope.

Give-A-Dog-A-Bone for Street Dogz

The seniors had a great time putting together dog treat bags for Street Dogz.  We had at least 10 different types of chews and treats they could choose from to make a nice holiday mix of treats for the pups. Over 300 were donated that they have started distributing.  Street Dogz is an amazing organization that works the streets to help keep animals safe and taken care of. 

Lady and The Tramp Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone that came to our fundraiser that was organized and hosted by Sunrise Senior Living. We’d also like to thank everyone who donated items for our raffle, auctions items, donations and purchasing raffle tickets.  Together it made the event a success.

Sunrise will always have a special place in our hearts as it’s where Seniors To The Rescue all started.  Gail Mayhugh’s, the founder of Seniors To The Rescue, Mom, Terry was a resident at Sunrise.  It’s where the very first Boo-Boo Bag was made and where Gail continues to go each month to spend time with the special seniors there.

Gail with Jenny Caracciolo from Sunrise and Jose their house pup

Our Giving Circle

Thank you to the amazing women of Our Giving Circle for their generous donation of items for our Snuggle Beddies, Give-A-Dog-A-Bone, Boo-Boo Bags and Kit & Play projects.  Their support allows us to continue our work with seniors, who enjoy coming together to help animal rescues with the projects they make.

“Our Giving Circle began in 2014 as a social, philanthropic group.  Our small group of retired women range from new retirees to ladies who have been retired for over a dozen years.  We come from various professional backgrounds.  Some of us were born in the Las Vegas Valley and others moved to Southern Nevada in childhood or adulthood.  The only thing we share…is the love of community and the desire to help. “


Lady and the Tramp Fundraiser

I’m so excited that Sunrise Assisted Living graciously offered to host a fundraiser for Seniors To The Rescue on Thursday, November 29th.  They’re serving a spaghetti dinner and auctioning off fun gift baskets.  Going to be a fun night.  If you’re in the Las Vegas Valley you can RSVP to Sunrise at 702-837-6582