It’s In The Bag for Noah’s Animal House

Noah’s Animal House is an amazing organization that was built on the grounds of The Shade Tree shelter in 2007 to provide safety, shelter & support for the pets of the clients of The Shade Tree.

Seniors To The Rescue has donated Boo-Boo-Bags and Snuggle Beddies but so glad we could help with our It’s In The Bag program. We hope the items included will help the ladies at Shade Tree when they start a new life with their pet.

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Kit-N-Play Toys

How Having a Pet Can Positively Effect On Seniors’ Well-being

People just love to have pets from fishes to cats to dogs and anything that will tickle their fancy. When it comes to the elderly it goes beyond just enjoying pets. Having a pet helps the senior focus on other matters than their physical issues and negative thoughts about loss or aging.

Pets are a bundle of joy and great companions. When you cuddle them, they will reciprocate; give them basic instructions and they will sit or roll-over; they will listen if you talk to them, and when you are sick and lonely, you have a friend by your side during trying times.

Even if there are some downsides to pet ownership the health benefits can be far-reaching to elders here are some of them:


As we grow older loneliness creeps in, depression follows and physical problems make matters worse. Pets create good feelings and lift the state of mind. The loving friendship offered by a pet lessen loneliness and melancholy for senior pet parents who may end up spending time alone. Your furry friend will be at your side any time of the day or night to interact and talk with you.

Having a routine

Owning a dog comes with responsibility, the daily schedule of caring for a pet can give purpose. Perhaps, you want to lay on the bed, but Fido keeps on yapping because he is hungry, so you get up and feed him. Isn’t that something to be thankful for?

Animals have a “here and now” attitude, it’s contagious and very useful for seniors. They are dependent on their master like a child to a parent without the proper care they will not survive.


People who engage in any regular physical exercise improved their health condition regardless of age. It is difficult to get into the usual workout and so very easy to avoid it. Your pooch will remind you that strolling is a regular part of your daily schedule.

Pet owners are more active, they have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels compared to those who do not have pets. Their heartbeat improved due to increased exercise. An elderly is less likely to be obese with at least a couple of hours a week of walking to meet their pet’s needs.


Elderly pet owners are less stressed than their pet-less counterparts. Perhaps it’s the companionship where a friend is by their side at any time to share life’s challenges. Or the daily walks that improve their health condition. Or the funny antics that make them laugh when they wake up.

Help people socialize

Having a pet that regularly requires outdoor activity will help you stay connected with life. Visits to the park to walk a dog or taking the cat to the veterinarian Las Vegas will expose the elderly to other people with the same interest. Pet clubs and meet-ups are great ways of interacting with people.

A pet will get you involved with activities giving you the opportunity to make new friends and take your mind away from problems. Bring Fido to a hospice for the elderly or people with special needs and you’ll be glad you did aside from making new acquaintances you’ll make people happy.

Emotional support

Petting a dog, cat, or other pets can serve as an emotional support system to the elderly giving them care acceptance, importance, and support. These lovelies can be enjoyable for people who are rarely visited by their friends and loved ones.

Pets make seniors feel less isolated and lonely.

Unconditional love and affection

These are the two important things that are missing in the lives of the elderly. Younger family members are preoccupied with running their own lives and can’t squeeze in a visit and spend time with their elder.

A pet can fill the void by showing their love and affection without anything in return.

Stimulates memory

Pets have the ability to stimulate better memory recall to their elderly owners. When seniors with memory loss interact with animals they recover memories from way back. A pet will have them focus on other things than their problems allowing them to ponder on events that have good memories.


Just as companionship, loyalty, and understanding are important to teens, the same holds true for seniors. An elder’s journey has a lot of humps and bumps along the way. The simple act of a dog at their feet or cuddling a cat can make a big difference in the life of an aged person.

A dog will provide security to their elderly pet parent. Fido might be small but packs a mean bark and thieves do not know that. So, they will avoid your house to avoid any encounter with a ferocious dog.

Contributed by James Watson from Pet Health Hospital

Contact: [email protected]


Bunny Binkies

We’ve started a new project to help the bunny rescues in Las Vegas, Bunny Binkies. When looking for a new project we search for where there is a need as well as something that all seniors can be involved in and will enjoy. We had no idea how many bunnies needed to be rescued in Las Vegas, and one of their immediate needs were toys. We make the toys with 16 different bunny safe parts. Each toy is completing unique, it’s a fun creative time together.

On behalf of rabbit lovers, I want to sincerely thank your group for making toys for the rabbits in the “Bunnies Matter In Vegas, Too” rescue!! It is heart-warming to know someone cares, and also to see the bunnies so happy. The toys provide much-needed mental stimulation and ‘fun’ to their lives. Thank you, and may God bless you richly! 

5 Helpful Tips for Moving Your Parents into Their New Senior Living Home

By Elise Morgan

Image by pexels

Moving your parents into a senior living home can be difficult as this is a moment in your parents’ life where they must face the inevitable question of whether they are capable of managing their day-to-day on their own. Their life to this point has been of independence or others depending on them. The loss of both of these can be difficult. Though, at the same time, there is much to look forward to when moving into a senior living home.

Here are five ways to help ease your parents into this new life-transition and ease their minds as you do so.

Make Their New Living Situation Feel Like Home

One of the most difficult things about a senior living home is that it doesn’t “feel” like home. The apartments or dorm-style rooms are often more industrial than home-like. So, it can help if you add some of your parent’s personality to the living space such as family photographs, familiar smells (scented candles, room fresheners, etc.) and even their favorite furniture such as their old armchair, or a memorable rug. You don’t need to emulate their prior home but adding familiarity can add to warmth and help them sleep soundly at night.

Involve the Entire Family

Often, participation by all siblings and relatives can be lacking. This leaves the impression that the decision to move into a senior living home is not shared by all involved members. That’s not the best feeling for parents who may be uncertain about their transition. So, trying to involve all family members in some way can ease feelings of insecurity. Family members can be involved in physically moving, participating in community events, or even regular phone calls to check in are helpful.

Focus on the Good

Senior living homes can feel daunting and often congested. After all, your parents are moving from their own space to a shared living community. Though, this also means that your parents have less stress such as not having to worry about home repairs, preparing meals, taking care of the lawn, security is higher and social activities are frequent.

Encourage Your Parents to Participate in Community Activities

Participation is key to moving into a senior living home. One of the reasons is that socially, your parents can see that they are not going through the move alone. Every person living in the senior living home has gone through the same, or a similar, transition. Activities such as animal rescue services can provide a sense of meaning, introduce your parents to new activities, create a new lifestyle and build friendships.

Help Maintain Your Parent’s Independence

A loss of independence can be the hardest part of moving into a senior living home. After all, your parents have likely been taking care of themselves and others for over fifty years. Helping your parents to understand that they are not losing their identity, but rather opening up time to pursue their hobbies and passions is an important process to maintaining independence. A senior living home promotes a safe place with more opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. Your parents may have better access to transportation, interesting travel and other opportunities that may either have not been available or too costly when on their own.

The transition from independent living to senior home living can be difficult but understanding the benefits of senior home living and working with your parents can make the move a bit easier.

Guest post by Elise Morgan. Follow her on her Twitter Account @elisemthewriter