A Kit & Play kinda day

Had a fun time making our Kit & Play cat toys with our group at the Prestige Senior Living at Mira Loma.  The kitties are going to love them!

Edible Water “Jelly Drops” to Help Dementia Patients Stay Hydrated

“I can very much relate to Lewi’s situation with his grandmother not drinking enough water.  My Mother had dementia and as she progressed having her drink water was a constant reminder. It’s so important we all stay hydrated, especially older adults.  Thank you Lewis for inventing Jelly Drops”.

London-based student Lewis Hornby is a grandson on a mission. When he noticed that his dementia-afflicted grandmother was having trouble staying hydrated, he came up with Jelly Drops—bite-sized pods of  edible water that look just like tasty treats.

Each of these colorful “candies” is made up of mostly water, with gelling agents and electrolytes making up just 10% of their composition. Available in a rainbow of colors and presented in packaging reminiscent of a box of chocolates, Jelly Drops are an easy and engaging way to avoid dehydration—a common problem for those suffering from degenerative neurological diseases.

“It is very easy for people with dementia to become dehydrated,” he;“Many no longer feel thirst, don’t know how to quench thirst, or don’t have the dexterity to drink.” With this in mind, Hornby set out to find a solution. In addition to seeking advice from psychologists and doctors, he opted to “experience” life with dementia himself through the use of virtual reality tools and a week in a care home.

Once he was familiar with what dementia patients need, he brainstormed what they want. “From my observations, people with dementia find eating much easier than drinking. Even still, it can be difficult to engage and encourage them to eat. I found the best way to overcome this is to offer them a treat! This format excites people with dementia, they instantly recognize it and know how to interact with it.”

Case in point? Hornby’s own grandmother’s reaction: “When first offered, grandma ate seven Jelly Drops in 10 minutes, the equivalent to a cup full of water—something that would usually take hours and require much more assistance.”

Though Jelly Drops is still in its trial phase, it has already earned Hornby two honors: the Helen Hamlyn Design Award – Snowdon Award for Disability and the Dyson School of Design Engineering DESIRE Award for Social Impact.

Clearly, Jelly Drops’ future is looking bright!

News 3 Degree Guarantee

Well, Kevin Janison, from News 3, rocked it and got every day’s forecast right.  We were presented with a check for $ 2,600.00.  Goettl Air Conditioning, the sponsor, donated $ 2,300.00 and News 3, donated an additional $ 300.00 for Kevin having a perfect month.  Thank you Stephen Gamst from Goettl and Kevin for making a difference for Seniors To The Rescue.  Accepting the check is Gail Mayhugh, President and Founder and David Robeck, Director.

David Robeck, Gail Mayhugh, Kevin Janison and Stephen Gamst

Robotic pets helping seniors with dementia

Studies have shown that just petting an animal can decrease stress.  For seniors in assisted living, having a pet is not always an option due to their inability to care for them or the community not allowing them. But with today’s technology, there are now robotic pets which can provide comfort and companionship.

Good article from Healthline.com


Boo-Boo Bags for Connors and Millie’s Dog Rescue

Had another wonderful time with our senior volunteers making Boo-Boo Bags.  They are being donated to Connors and Millie’s Dog Rescue.  They give them to their amazing new pet parents at their rescue events. 

NBC – News 3 Degree Guarantee

What an honor to be selected by News 3 as their 3 Degree Guarantee charity for May.

If Kevin Jamison predicts the high temperature within 3 degrees, $100 will be donated to Seniors To The Rescue by Goettl Air Conditioning!

He’s right on target with the first night’s $ 100 donation. Thank you News 3 and Goettl.  Video


HenPower – Nursing Home Chickens

I love how people everywhere are working to find new ways in keeping our seniors involved in their communities and enriching their lives.

“HenPower is a creative ageing and animal therapy program that incorporates creative activities and art with keeping chooks. HenPower is a unique program that is at the heart of many of our care homes, bringing life, laughter and great friendships to our residents, staff, families and visitors.

HenPower isn’t just for residents of our homes, the program is at its very best when family members, local schools and the wider community are involved. Many of our homes include local schools and kindergartens in their HenPower program and creative activities.

HenPower was developed by UK organisation, Equal Arts. Whiddon are the first provider to offer HenPower in Australia and won a Better Practice Award in 2016 for our HenPower trial.”

Click here to read more about this innovative program.

Meet the Hensioners


Support PAL Humane and buy a Boo-Boo Bag

PAL Humane, a Nevada non-profit, assists financially struggling members in our community care for their pets by providing pet food, spay/neuter services and other pet related support.  To help them in their mission, we donated our Boo-Boo Bags for their fund raising efforts. 

Along with all of the items included, they are packaged in a nice bag with room to add anything special that you have. 

Click here to purchase and support this wonderful organization.




Packed and Ready To Go

Our seniors were busy making Boo-Boo Bags for PAL Huname, who provided us with these great Survival Travel Bags.  This year we’ve added new items to our Boo-Boo Bags.  Here’s everything included:

  • Triangular Bandage
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Alcohol Cleansing Pads
  • Eye Wash
  • Burn Gel
  • Iodine Swabsticks
  • Cleansing Towelette
  • Instant Cold Compress
  • Gauze Stretch Bandage Roll
  • Gauze Dressing Pads
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Safety Pins
  • Scissors
  • Tongue Depressors
  • Leash
  • E.R. Locations in Las Vegas
  • Pet Poison Hotlines


Research on Dementia and Sleep Disorders

An interesting article on dementia and sleep disorders from Tuck Sleep.

Dementia and Sleep Disorders