Edible Water “Jelly Drops” to Help Dementia Patients Stay Hydrated

“I can very much relate to Lewi’s situation with his grandmother not drinking enough water.  My Mother had dementia and as she progressed having her drink water was a constant reminder. It’s so important we all stay hydrated, especially older adults.  Thank you Lewis for inventing Jelly Drops”.

London-based student Lewis Hornby is a grandson […]

Las Vegas Review Journal Story

I want to thank Kailyn Brown with the North Las Vegas View of the Las Vegas Review Journal,  for writing such a wonderful story about Seniors To The Rescue.  We appreciate the time she spent with us and the wonderful volunteers at Sunrise Senior Assisted Living.

Henderson-based nonprofit a boost to pets’ and seniors’ health […]

Selma F. Bartlett Elementary School Dollar Drive

Thank you to the children at Selma F. Bartlett’s Elementary School for picking Seniors To The Rescue to be their non-profit organization to support with their year long Dollar Drive.  Thank you to their teachers, Ms Shapiro, Ms Mac Lean, Ms Boyce, Ms Hensel, Ms McCall, Ms Powers and Ms Speiser for being a part […]

Cat Toys for Local Rescues

Had a fun time making cats toys with the ladies at Sunrise Assisted Living. I was once told that cats that are playing are more likely to be adopted. The toys will be donated to a local rescue.

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Netherlands Dementia Village

What a wonderful place to live for those with dementia. Let’s hope we have one here in the U.S. one day.