Our Giving Circle

Thank you to the amazing women of Our Giving Circle for their generous donation of items for our Snuggle Beddies, Give-A-Dog-A-Bone, Boo-Boo Bags and Kit & Play projects.  Their support allows us to continue our work with seniors, who enjoy coming together to help animal rescues with the projects they make. “Our Giving Circle began […]

Welcome one of our new volunteers

It’s always wonderful to meet new people and spend together.  Along with doing our pet projects, one of the best parts about the time we spend with the seniors, is getting to share stories from our lives.  It brings our seniors and volunteers closer together by building new friendships.  This month we had the pleasure […]

Las Vegas Solera Kennel Club helping seniors and animals

We can’t thank the Las Vegas Solera Kennel Club enough for their generous donation of over 90 Snuggle Beddies and at least 1,000 pieces of cardboard for our Birdie Buddies. At one of their meetings they made it a party with the ladies cutting the Snuggle Beddies while the men cut the cardboard. It […]

December Deliveries of Snuggle Beddies, Boo-Boo Bags & Love Bags

This month we were able to help Noah’s Animal House & Heaven Can Wait with the wonderful Snuggle Beddies our seniors made, Boo-Boo Bags they put together and fun Love Bags of pet toys and treats. We delivered 41 blankets, 16 Boo-Boo Bags and 20 Love Bags.


Love Bags and Snuggle Beddies […]

Thank You Freeman Las Vegas

I want to thank my friends in the Exhibitor Services Department at the Las Vegas Freeman office for cutting Snuggle Beddies for Seniors To The Rescue. During Customer Service Week they took the time to cut 7,056 strips to ready 56 fleece blankets for the seniors to make Snuggle Beddies, which are then donated to […]