Helping Your Rescue

The senior volunteers with

Seniors To The Rescue

want to help all animals in need.

Whether donating one of our projects to you or helping with one of yours, Seniors To The Rescue wants to help.
The projects the seniors love to make:
  • Boo-Boo Bags – Pet First Aid Kits
  • Snuggle Beddies – Knotted Fleece Blankets
  • Bunny Binkies – Bunny Play Toys
  • Give-A-Dog-A-Bone – Doggie Treat Bags
  • It’s In The Bag – Gift Bags with Project Items and Special Treats
  • Kit & Play – Kitty Toys
Do you have a project our seniors can help you with?  What can we do that will save your organization time so you can donate more time to finding homes for your loving animals?
  • Bag items for an event
  • Stuff envelopes
  • Put together your adoption folders
All projects are done with a volunteer present and checked for accuracy.


Click here to contact us today if we can help.