Bunny Binkies


We’ve started a new project to help the bunny rescues in Las Vegas, Bunny Binkies. When looking for a new project we search for where there is a need as well as something that all seniors can be involved in and will enjoy. We had no idea how many bunnies needed to be rescued in Las Vegas, and one of their immediate needs were toys. We make the toys with 16 different bunny safe parts. Each toy is completing unique, it’s a fun creative time together.

On behalf of rabbit lovers, I want to sincerely thank your group for making toys for the rabbits in the “Bunnies Matter In Vegas, Too” rescue!! It is heart-warming to know someone cares, and also to see the bunnies so happy. The toys provide much-needed mental stimulation and ‘fun’ to their lives. Thank you, and may God bless you richly!