Special Books Made for Dementia Patients

Article by Elizabeth Nelson

Thank you, Rachel for creating these books and Elizabeth for sharing.

Rachel Thompson first got the idea to design books for people with dementia when her grandmother, Marilyn developed the disease about 12 years ago and slowly lost the ability to read. Reading had always been an important pastime in […]

How to Help Seniors Face Alzheimer’s and a Downsizing Move

Downsizing during the golden years can be a major change for seniors. Furthermore, when those golden years have been affected by a recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis, seniors and their family members face even more challenges. Preparing for downsizing during this difficult time takes special care and consideration, but families can help make getting started less […]

It’s In The Bag for Noah’s Animal House

Noah’s Animal House is an amazing organization that was built on the grounds of The Shade Tree shelter in 2007 to provide safety, shelter & support for the pets of the clients of The Shade Tree.

Seniors To The Rescue has donated Boo-Boo-Bags and Snuggle Beddies but so glad we could help with […]

Kit-N-Play Toys

How Having a Pet Can Positively Effect On Seniors’ Well-being

People just love to have pets from fishes to cats to dogs and anything that will tickle their fancy. When it comes to the elderly it goes beyond just enjoying pets. Having a pet helps the senior focus on other matters than their physical issues and negative thoughts about loss or aging.

Pets […]