Cotton Real Estate supporting Seniors To The Rescue


We’d like to thank Cotton Real Estate, Keller William Las Vegas for selecting Seniors To The Rescue as one of their charities they will be supporting with a $ 50.00 donation for every home they sell.

Cotton Real Estate has a unique approach in helping their homeowners sell or buy a home; they are committed to connecting neighbors.  Here’s their Vegas Neighbors Pledge.

My community matters to me. I pledge to:

Take responsibility because a more neighborly Las Vegas starts with me.

Break the ice and reach out to my neighbors and connect with them.

Ask for help when needed, and rely on the kindness of my community.

Learn to bake (or cook, etc.) I will find reasons to share and visit my neighbors.

Host a party and invite my neighbors.

Spend time in public spaces and meet new people.

Join a group and meet people who share my interests.

Serve a need.

Join a local forum like Vegas Neighbors to connect with your community.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, please consider Cotton Real Estate.  Maureen Cotton at 702-340-5104   Cotton Real Estate