Our First Project – Boo-Boo Bags


Boo Boo BagsWhat are Boo-Boo Bags?  They’re pet first aid kits.  

Why did we pick this as one of our projects? Well, if you have a pet you hope that they will never get hurt, but unfortunately sometimes do.  When we asked people we know with pets if they had a pet first aid kit they first said, “What’s that?”  When we explained what we were putting in them they said, “Well we have those things around the house.”  So what would you do if your pet got hurt and you needed any of these things, NOW? “Well we’d go through the medicine cabinet and drawers.”  Yes, that’s exactly why we all need one, no looking in different places for them.  You can just grab what you need in one bag.

So we decided that this would be a great item for everyone with a pet and something the rescues could sell to raise donations. We also felt that most older adults would be able to put them together and do as a group.  So Boo-Boo Bags were born.  Here’s everything you’ll find in them.

Boo-Boo Bags

The first Boo-Boo Bag was made by Terry Hoffmann, Gail’s Mother, and the inspiration behind starting Seniors To The Rescue.