The story why Seniors To The Rescue was formed – Part Two – Animal Rescues


Millie and Matilda my adorable rescues

Millie and Matilda my adorable rescues

I love animals, especially my pups.  Over the last couple years I’ve become more involved in supporting animal rescues, but time just doesn’t allow me to volunteer.  So I do what I can behind the scenes when I can, which is normally late at night.  I started a blog, two years ago. 

I post everything I can about rescue events, fundraisers, adoptions and whatever else they need. I feel any additional exposure I can give them, maybe one more life will be saved.

Since I started I’ve learned of the staggering numbers of animals that are abused, euthanized, dumped at shelters, left behind or just plain thrown away. I know because we rescued two of them, Millie and Matilda.  How someone could have just tossed them away breaks my heart.  They are the sweetest, happiest and loving babies someone could have.  So how could I help my Mother and the rescues at the same time?  Something we could do together as well as bring in others just like my Mother.  What are things she can do to help rescues, which in turn will help her?

That’s when our first program “Boo-Boo Bags” was born.  Boo-Boo Bags are Pet First Aid Kits.  Seniors To The Rescue purchases each individual item for the Boo-Boo Bags.  We get together with the older adults that want to be involved and together we assembly and package them.  Then we donate them to animal rescues to use to raise donations.  For every dollar they raise maybe one more life can be saved.

Along with our Boo-Boo Bags we will be working with rescues on other simple projects we can help with.  With our “It’s In The Bag” project, we’ll be bagging tennis and golf balls for the Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada.   By helping rescues with some of their projects, they’ll have a little bit more time to find and place another wonderful family friend in a forever home.